Here’s a quick guide on submitting your Libsyn feed to iTunes and Stitcher.

1. Setup Your Show on Libsyn

In order to generate a valid feed, you first need to setup your show on Libsyn.

On the Libsyn website, go to ‘Settings > Edit Show Settings’, and enter all the relevant information about your podcast. Also, update your 1400 x 1400 pixel of your show artwork.

Then go to ‘Destinations > Edit or View Existing’, and click the ‘Edit’ button next to the ‘Classic Libsyn Feed’. Select your iTunes categories and also update the recommended information.

After you’ve saved this information, Libsyn will display the feed’s web address. Copy this address as we’ll need this for the next step.

2. Validate Your Libsyn Feed

The next step is to validate the feed. Go to the W3C Feed Validation Service and paste the feed web address that you just copied. Click the ‘Check’ button to validate your feed.

3. Submit Your Feed to iTunes

Next we’re going to check that your feed shows up correctly in iTunes. The easiest way to do this is to open iTunes and select ‘File’ > ‘Subscribe to Podcast’.

In the next screen, paste your feed web address and click ‘OK’. If the feed is working correctly, then you should see iTunes downloading all the episodes from Libsyn.

Assuming the feed is working correctly, we can now submit the feed to the iTunes store.

  1. In iTunes, click the link for the iTunes Store.
  2. Click on the Podcasts navigation link.
  3. Click the ‘Submit a Podcast’ link.
  4. Paste your feed address and click the ‘Continue’ button.
  5. Review the podcast information shown (from the feed) and click ‘Submit’.

You may have to wait up to a week for iTunes to approve your podcast.

4. Submit Your Feed to Stitcher

Now we can also submit the feed to Stitcher.

  1. Go to the Stitcher site and register for a content provider account.
  2. Log into your Stitcher account and click the ‘Add Shows’ link.
  3. Enter information about your podcast including the feed address.
  4. Agree to the terms & conditions and click the ‘Continue’ button.
  5. Confirm your submission.

And you’re done! Once your feed is approved, any new episode that you publish on Libsyn will also be automatically published to iTunes and Stitcher.